Configuration - Modules - Payment-bookings
This section only applies if the module Online payment is active.

To ensure that the paid reservations are processed directly into i-Reserve, feedback from Ogone needs to take place.
A connection have to be set in i-Reserve for the purpose of Ogone and vice versa.


On the website of Ogone ( can be logged with the credentials issued by Ogone. Under the menu-items Configuration -> Technical information are two tabs which are important

General security parameters tab

Set the Hash Algorithm to SHA-1 or SHA-512.
The 512 is newer and safer. This must match the setting in i-Reserve.
So if in Ingenico the setting is SHA-1, then in i-Reserve the setting SHA-512 must be No.
And if the setting is SHA-512 in Ingenico, then the SHA-512 setting must be set to Yes in i-Reserve.

Tab Data and origin verification

SHA-IN pass phrase
The SHA-IN pass phrase which must correspond with i-Reserve settings. The SHA-IN pass phrase must be entered twice

Tab Transaction feedback

Direct HTTP server-to-server request

Timing of the request
Always deferred (not immediately after the payment).

URL of the merchant's post-payment page

If the payment's status is "accepted", "on hold" or "uncertain":


If the payment's status is "cancelled by the client" or "too many rejections by the acquirer".

Request method

SHA-OUT pass phrase
The SHA-OUT pass phrase which must correspond with i-Reserve settings.


Ogone settings are found in i-Reserve in the Control Panel under 'modules' -' payment - bookings'.

Payment url
Test payments:
Production payments:

Ogone username / PSPID

Secret in
SHA-IN value as set in Ogone

Secret out
SHA-OUT value as set in Ogone