Configuration – Front pages – Generic config
This section only applies if the module Webbookings is active.

It is possible to allow a customer to login to the application to gain access to their personal data, user data, reservations, invoices or certain content that may not be available to other customers.

Use the following link to refer a customer to a login page:


If a customer has a username and password, they can login here. After logging in, they must of course be directed to specific data. This depends on your own choices/settings. Some users you might want to direct straight to their bookings or user profile. Or perhaps you may want to direct the user to a complete portal page from where they can navigate further.

To indicate where a customer should be referred to after logging in, go to Configuration – Front pages – Generic config. Here you will find the option ‘landing page after logging in’. Here you can enter a url such as front.php?mod=myprofile to direct the user to their own profile.