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A standard reservation comes with an invoice. If there is a price calculation set, it will appear when the booking is set. If you use the payment module, this amount can be paid at once or in parts.

Accounting system

The financial information created by i-Reserve is for many companies the basis of there financial administration. This is why it's possible to export financial information to Ledger accounting programs.


This simple example shows which aspects are used van journalisering. The example is a reservation for a bowling alley, where the high VAT rate applies, with the option twice snacks, with a low VAT rate. This gives the following calculation:


Ledger account Description ledger Debit Credit
8000 Inland revenue high   € 11,57
1601 VAT high   € 2,43
8001 Inland revenue low   € 9,43
1602 VAT low   € 0,57
1300 Debtors € 24,-