The development of version 4 of i-Reserve has meant leaving old methods behind and embracing the new, modern web techniques which ensure optimum user experience utilising, in part, advanced JavaScript. Unfortunately they are not supported by the older generation of web browsers, particularly those in the Internet Explorer series.

Given the projected developments in the field of web technology and the demands that today's users can make, spoiled for choice as they are, it was obvious that embracing the new was the way for us to go. More especially, since the administrative section of i-Reserve is a web application, allowing you to define system requirements as with any other programme on your computer. The following system requirements are applicable for operating version 4:


We recommend using one of the following browsers:

  • Firefox 9.0 & higher
  • Chrome 10 & higher
  • Internet Explorer 11 & higher


JavaScript should be enabled in the browser


Cookies should also be enabled.

For an optimal user-experience, we'd advice you to use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. This advice only applies for the back-end, not for the front-end.